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Ayisha Diaz Bio

Dominican bombshell, Ayisha Diaz, took 2015 by storm. Actor, model, columnist and entrepreneur, Ayisha has literally transformed how we view video vixen models. But in all fairness, Ayisha is in a category of her own. Her accomplishments have catapulted her from Omaha, Nebraska to an Instagram must-follow. 

An aspiring model in the Midwest, Ayisha left Omaha and eventually settled in New York. In 2009 the futuristic I Can Transform Ya video by Chris Brown firmly placed Ayisha on the map. A stunning black and red bodysuit cloaked in a robotic theme alongside Lil Wayne kept the internet abuzz. Her stock exploded and since then has appeared as the lead model in P Reign featuring Drake & Future (DnF), DJ Khaled (How Many Times), 50 Cent (Hustler), Busta Rhymes featuring Kanye West (Thank You), Wale featuring Juicy J and Niki Minaj (Clappers), Juelz featuring Lloyd Banks (Beamer Benz or Bentley), and Wu Tang Clan (Our Dreams) just to name a few.  

Leveraging her video experience Ayisha later branched out having registered nearly 10 magazine covers and has been Smooth Magazine’s sex columnist since 2013. She is a full-fledged personality that coupled with stunning features and marketing savvy has enabled her to branch out into nearly every level of the modeling game. The industry is now online and as such Ayisha is no longer a video vixen, but rather an internet vixen.

Ayisha is making notable leaps in 2016 to other mediums. Her most recent venture is a boutique clothing line, stephanyD (http://stephanyd.com/). At just 24 it is remarkable how much she has accomplished in 6 short years. A shrewd businesswoman, Ayisha is a unique beauty with a demeanor that commands attention and ideas that will continue turning heads. 

Follow Ayisha:

Twitter - ayishadiaz

Instagram - @ayishadiaz




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